InfoVerge is an ICT company with the sole purpose of delivering dynamic services and specialized support. We are committed to providing tailored and innovative IT solutions and service to businesses and focused strategic consulting service to enterprise businesses that helps organizations leverage technology, and also assists organizations to connect the right information with the right people at the right time by:

  • Lowering Operational Cost
  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Improving Internal Inefficiencies

InfoVerge assists businesses to formulate forward thinking clear IT Strategy to any size of organisation. Given the growing importance of technology in every business, businesses must have clear strategic direction and priorities that are closely linked to the entire business strategy.

Problem analysis & solving is an important part of continuous improvement. This helps with not only to solve problems but to uncover hidden opportunities and areas which are under performing. This is where InfoVerge can help. We continually measure our clients processes to find new opportunities to improve their day-to- day work.

The goal of knowledge management is the efficient handling of information and resources within a commercial or any other organization to ensure the organisation's success. Our data and knowledge management specialists have industry knowledge and experience to help our clients reach this goal.

For most organisations, it is difficult to implement and manage change. The management of change within a business or organization is imperative to ensure its longevity. InfoVerge helps to implement and manage change to both systems and processes.

Organisations are often unsure when and how or if they are ready to move to the cloud. InfoVerge helps clients with this problem by looking at three major components to assess cloud readiness; Technology, Operational Processes and People. What modern technology will be introduced through cloud? How are operational processes going to change? How is the organisational culture (people) going to be affected? By answering these important questions, we ensure a smooth transition into cloud for any organisation by adhering to a comprehensive digital strategy white paper to ensure that client expectations are realistic and ultimately get the most value and benefit from a migration.

The implementation of the right technology at the right time is important in ensuring an organization’s growth and efficiency. Technology also needs to be managed and monitored for governance, compliance, risk and continuous improvement. Technology Life Cycle Management ensures that technology is properly deployed, used and decommissioned. InfoVerge provides advisory services for your organisation's IT infrastructure and digital assets to minimize risks and increase revenues.