Our Framework

InfoVerge is driven by the objective to achieve the set organisational goals. For this we have a well-structured management which operate within the established policies with the aim of achieving the goals aligned to our mission through, among other things, collaboration.

All our projects are therefore, process driven and conform to the core Frameworks.


Our established policies are continuously monitored to ensure that the envisaged implementation is on point. We preach accountability, and always ascertain that everyone performs their primary duties to enhance the prosperity and viability of the organisation.

All of this is done through good corporate governance, which we treat as a primary discipline within the business for making and implementing decisions.

Process And Methodology

Our approach is carefully designed to align to modern Methodologies while deploying and adhering to well-defined and best practice processes.

While a Methodology is a set of principles, tools and practices which are used to guide processes, all these interdependent and linked procedures are used to convert input into output.


We evaluate your existing processes to identify any bottlenecks and propose improvements to your processes.


Flexibility is always in mind. Our implementations are easily configurable and tailored to our clients’ unique requirements.

Online Support

We take pride in assisting businesses to reach their full potential. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE.


Training includes onsite trainers, user manuals and automated training videos using some of the most modern training tools.

Project Management

Every process is properly managed by professional project managers within prescribed methodology and framework.

Pricing Models

Our pricing models offer our clients flexibility and choice while seeking to also achieve value for money derived from the engagement. We engage with our clients to choose the model that best meets their requirements and delivers value for their investment.

Quality Assurance Management

Quality Assurance is central to all our processes. It ensures that we deliver high quality solutions and services for our clients.

We constantly review and improve our processes to deliver high quality solutions and services.

Flexible Delivery Models

We are very flexible in the way we work with our clients based on their unique needs. We are able to undertake projects at clients’ environments (on-site), from our offices (off-site) or a combination of these based on what the client requires and most importantly we give our clients the opportunity to engage with our professionals beforehand.


The project is carried out at the client's site. which its pool of highly skilled professionals, InfoVerge is able to bring highly qualified personnel with strong diverse skills to your location.


All project development, starting with envisioning through to the delivery and support stage, is done at InfoVerge premises.

Clients are kept fully aware of each project stage. Deliverables are provided to clients regularly on a pre-arranged basis.


The onsite team directly interacts with the InfoVerge offsite team to address and attend to critical issues.

This model maximizes utilization of time and resources and reduces production costs through the usage of InfoVerge facilities.

Client's own methodology

The project is carried out at the client’s site under their direction and guidance. Our resources will deliver based on and under the complete direction of the client’s project delivery team.