Applications & Solutions


  • Product Installation and Configuration
  • Application Development and Integration
  • .NET Development
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Project and Programme Management
  • IT Infrastructure

Strategy and Planning

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Enterprise Content Management Roadmaps
  • Architecture and Infrastructure Assessments
  • Governance / Governance Planning
  • Search Engine Optimization

Analysis and Design

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Workflows & Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Information Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • Content Auditing

We offer a wide range of software development services for desktop, mobile, web as well as integration that brings added value to our customers and meets their unique demands. Our highly skilled professionals have a proven track record of the delivery of a multitude set of different solutions across different sectors.

InfoVerge offers cross-platform Mobile Applications development services and solutions that address today’s business problems. Mobile applications have become an integral part of most businesses’ operating environments. We understand the importance of Mobile applications for businesses and our experts have the necessary experience to deliver highly efficient and effective mobile solutions.

Cloud solutions are the future of business. By replacing your physical infrastructure with internet-based remote servers, your organisation will eliminate maintenance and infrastructure costs. InfoVerge can help your business become the business of the future today. We analyse and assess your current infrastructure and provide the best solution for your migration to the cloud.

InfoVerge offers software testing services for a wide range of projects. Our Software Testing Life Cycle ensures that the software we develop or test, goes through a well-defined and tested process to ensure the highest quality.

Our ECM services consist of processes, procedures, methods and policies surrounding an organisation's digital content. It focuses on amongst other things; knowledge management, document management, records management and digital content. InfoVerge helps your organisation streamline all processes, policies and procedures involved in managing your enterprise content.

Maintenance and support is integral to all our IT projects and operations. InfoVerge offers maintenance and support services to ensure your organisation focuses on its core business without being concerned about technology related issues.

With our managed services, InfoVerge assumes the responsibility of providing a defined set of services to your organisation - This can range from desktop and network support services to custom applications maintenance and support. We also offer training services so that your organisation can build the necessary capacity .